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I help independent women experience health and well-being so they can live vibrant and empowered.


From one-on-one coaching for personalized support and accountability, to courses that allow you to learn-as-you-go, there’s a way for you to start feeling confident in your body and in control of your health today.

1:1 Coaching + Strategy Sessions

Because together, Thelma & Louise ain't got nothin' on us, honey!
Spoiler alert: your life will be flipped and turned upside down with this level of support. That's because this time around we're in it together. You can breathe easy knowing I will show (and teach!) you the ropes of shifting your mindset, transforming your body and restructuring your lifestyle so you can get in control of your health and live like a boss chick!

Investment starts at $997

This is for you if:
You crave discipline to keep up with meal prepping and motivation to get active on the daily. You wish you could feel energized and be more productive. You value slowing down and clearing your mind as much as you do bossing up and taking action. You’re ready to build consistent routines, habits that stick and experience breakthroughs in your health.

What’s included:

  • 3 months of high touch coaching, support, and accountability
  • 9 60-minute Zoom sessions
  • Full session Notes
  • Recommendations + Resources + Recipes
  • Nudge App accountability support
  • Unlimited support in between session
  •  Access to all courses launched during the duration of your program

Group + Mastermind Coaching

Make your deepest ("I wish I could wear a bathing suit without overthinking it...") dreams a reality with the support of other like-minded women who have the same health goals.
My group coaching is a hybrid of expert accountability, community support, tribe wisdom.

Investment starts at $497

Who it’s for:
You wish you could learn a way to get healthy, apply the strategy and then bring it back to a group of other wellness-centered women. Cause we all need validation and constructive feedback, ok! Sisterhood is your thang and you want to join one of many health-centered women. You know the end goal is getting healthy through the process of supporting each other and you’re all about that life.

What’s included:

  • Six weeks of group coaching, accountability & support
  • Six 90-minute weekly  group mastermind sessions.
  • Six 45-minute group coaching sessions
  • Program Guide + Workbook
  • Personalized Wellness Blueprint
  • Private FB group
  • VIP Upgrade Options

Intermittent Fasting (IF) Course

You'll learn how to IF the healthy way (no tea here, sorry, not sorry!) to activate your weight loss and feel mentally calm. I'll teach you the basics of my tried and proven health-hacks so you can get started on your journey to feeling confident in your own skin.

Investment starts at $27

Who it’s for:
You want to get healthy fast with the flexibility of getting it done on your own time. I got you, girl. You’ll learn the powerful basics of intermittent fasting; how to plan, prepare, and take action with confidence and ease.

What’s included:

  • 5 sets of daily videos to walk you through intermittent fasting
  • Exclusive “Power Pause” Workbook
  • Bonuses Including:

Daily Food Journal
Mindset Bundle
Self-Care Bundle
Meal Planning Bundle
PLUS! Join the Power Pause Facebook Community for FAQs and support from other  smart and like-minded woman have completed the challenge like a boss!


  • “I’m definitely noticeably slimmer and less bloated. With that said, the biggest gain I’ve made is about my perspective, especially in relation to others. I don’t have to look or feel a certain way because of or in spite of anyone. I have to do what’s best for me one hundred percent of the time. “

    – Janelle O
  • “Since working with Isaly I am much more comfortable in my skin. I’ve lost a total of 15 lbs! I have never felt healthier. I have changed the way I look at food completely. I’ve eliminated certain foods that keep me from feeling and looking my best.”

    – Jessie M.
  • “I would describe Isaly as a light. She’s that warm friend that you want to bump into on a dark path. She is an incredibly intelligent lady who thinks introspectively and helps others to do the same.”

    – Cara R.

what's next?

1. Throw it on my cal-

Choose your ideal day and time and we’ll spend 20 minutes gaining clarity around what’s holding you back and strategize how to get  you on the right track.

2. Tell me more, sis...

Then answer 5 simple questions to help me get to know you better before our session. Tell me your goals and how I can support you during this call.

3. Tea for two, Please!

It’s a date. Spill your health tea in confidence + get a taste of clarity. This is you chance to see what working together one-on-one could be like.

Grab your checklist, cutie!

Getting healthy with me is fast, flexible, and simple!

Feel confident, look vibrant and live unapologetically healthy, NOW.