7-Day Voxer Course Support


For my girlfriend who wants a week (or two…) of sisterhood-support while fasting. This is for the woman who is taking herself seriously while leveling up on her Intermittent Fasting Challenge!

Add on Voxer Coaching Support and get held accountable every step of the way with my support and expertise throughout your Power Pause Course experience.

This course add-on is for you if:

  • You want direct access to me and same-day-support because you know you’ll have questions and you want answers quick
  • You need real-time accountability because you’re ready to build discipline immediately
  • You’d love a down-to-earth hype-woman to share your new journey with because you’re a little nervous and don’t want to do this alone
  • You understand you are unique and want a personalized approach to your weight-loss  and well-being journey
  • You crave consistency and want one-on-one FAQ support after you have completed the course

Why Voxer? Voxer is an app being used by coaches that allows a client to send a real-time voice message (like a walkie-talkie) to another Voxer user (that’s me!) easily. Users can also leave Voxer messages much like a voicemail.

Voxer is an audio messaging app that you can also text through. But a text message can set you back 15+ seconds while sending an audio message can allow you to get your point across instantaneously. Let’s get strategic!


What This Includes

  • 7 days of unlimited Voxer support
  • Direct access to me and same-day-connection when you have questions and want answers quick
  • Real-time accountability to ensure you build discipline immediately upon starting or completing your course
  • Down-to-earth hype and support
  • Someone like-minded to share your new health and wellness journey with girlfriend-style
  • A personalized and individualized weight-loss and well-being approach for your goals
  • A jumpstart to staying consistent after you complete the course
  • A human  answer-bank for your specific needs after you have completed the course


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