5 Day Intermittent Fasting Power Pause Challenge Course


In this course, we get control of our eating and well-bing, not “someday” but in exactly 5 days!

Because there’s no better time like the present to boss up on your health and gain the confidence you’ve been wanting back.


    5 sets of daily videos to walk you through intermittent fasting ($297 Value)
  • Exclusive “Power Pause” Workbook ($75 Value)
  • BONUS JOURNAL + BUNDLES! Including: 
    • Daily Food Journal ($57 Value)
    • Mindset Bundle: Mindful Eating 101, Seven Levels Why, Growth Mindset Clap Backs, Technology Fasting + Social Media Trigger Self-Talk Template ($75 Value)
    • Self-Care Bundle:  Meditation for Beginners Guide, Softening Meditation Guide, Self-Love Meditation Guide, Inner Healing Meditation Script, Morning Yoga Flow Guide, IF Essentials Product Guide ($75 Value)
    • Meal Planning Bundle: Meal Planning 101 Healthy Meal Idea Tracker, Meal Prep Calendar Organizer, Meal Ingredient Template, Fill-In Go-to-Grocery List, Appetizer Recipe, Lunch Recipe, Dessert Recipe( $75 Value)
  • PLUS! Join the Power Pause Facebook Community for FAQs and support from other  smart and like-minded woman have completed the challenge like a boss!


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