I hope this reaches you during a weekend morning while you’re still lounging in bed or about your apartment, deciding what to do with your day. If you’ve had a rough week or need to give yourself a little TLC, I hope you are inspired to try one of my 5 simple healthy (and delicious) pleasures for your mind, body and spirit.

When I was originally inspired to share this, the week had been rough on me. My car was broken into and the next day I caught someone trying to break into my neighbors apartment. My personal property violated and physical nerves shot, the old me would have spiraled and allowed the darkness to swallow me up. Instead of self-sabotage, after the chaos I embraced the calm. I did things to care for, and love on, myself with intention, mindful of how it would help me get aligned; mind, body and spirit.

I thought it would be nice (and important, let’s be real…) to share my simple and healthy pleasures with you.  I practiced these pleasures everyday that week so I could get out of my funk. And, afterwards, I felt more grounded for it.

Here are my healthy pleasures that I’m confident will help you, too:

  1. I stretched, stretched and stretched some more: I love me a long and deep restorative stretch session. Restorative yoga is slow, intentional and trauma-healing. We store trauma in our physical being, especially in our hips, so I like to spend a nice 30 minutes on Saturdays in my body, playing lo-fi beats in the background, just getting in tune with every inch of myself and letting go of the tension.
  2. I breathed deeply: When I close my eyes, and get connected with my breath and God, I find the magic within me: it’s a place of peace and joy. It’s like my inner baby-girl hops into her rocket ship and travels to heaven. I practice 3 breathing exercises to reconnect with myself: Softening technique, Supported technique, Set Free technique.
  3. I got fancy with my food: I created a healthy, cheese-free, charcuterie board for myself. Instead of running to Wingstop for a quick fix, I ran to the fridge and plated my everyday foods beautifully. Instead of letting myself get a fast-food high, I gave myself fresh-food clarity. On my charcuterie board: prosciutto, cucumbers, grapes, avocado slices, dark chocolate bits, strawberries, sunflower seed spread, cherry tomatoes, and extra-virgin olive oil, basil, garlic dressing.
  4. I got quiet with the world and loud with God: Instead of venting my issue to my family, friends or IG, I gave it to God. Although I did call my mom crying at some point, so never underestimate the love of family. But with Father God, I crawl into his lap and I rest my worry and cares on Him. I have the most clarity around a situation when I ask Him to speak to me and guide me.
  5. I thought powerful thoughts: When difficult time arise, I remind myself, “What then shall we say in response to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us?” Romans 8:31. Shoulders back, chin up, I focus on how to solve the problem so I can live in joy.

Try any one of these self-love / self-care pleasures and I promise you will feel a difference. And if you don’t feel relief with one, try another. The beauty of all that I do for my own self-care is that you can adapt it to fit you and your needs!

Whatever this week has thrown at you, whatever there is to come, you will get through it, sis. No doubt, duh. It’s you we’re talking about.