During the first intermittent fasting Challenge Group I hosted, a participant asked, “How do you build solid habits that stand the test of time?”. So I took a moment to get my metaphor juices flowing (because this clearly called for a metaphor…), closed my eyes, and it hit me: building solid habits that stand the test of time is like building your ultimate dream She-Shed.

The She-Shed is a metaphor for your life, sis. You’re the lead builder of the healthy habits that will keep your She-Shed sanctuary beautiful and durable despite the odds. And I’m here to show you how.

Ready to learn how to build and design your dream “She-Shed” of healthy habits that stand the test of time? Let’s get to werk!

My “She-Shed” Life Metaphor

As the contractor of your ultimate dream She-Shed, you are responsible for the building, mechanical work, and functionality of your future sanctuary so that it stands sturdy, rain or shine. Same thing goes for your life, babe.

But what about the design? Like, how do you make it all come together? That’s where I come in. I’m here to help you work through these steps that align your mind, body and spirit, so you can thrive no matter what’s happening in your life.

As your coach, I help you design a lifestyle that will push, pull and “pretty” you through the times- rain or sine.

The Four Phases Of Building

With my “She-Shed Life Metaphor” in mind, when building solid habits, you have the responsibility of:

  • Choosing the right tools to build your mindset with.
  • Setting a solid foundation from which to rest your spirit.
  • Securely wiring for your body’s needs.
  • Designing strategically and with emotional mastery.

These are my four stages of building solid habits that will help your health and vibrance stand the test of time.

And for the record, staying on-point; mind-body-spirit, despite the facts-of-life, is 100% possible. How do I know? Would you ever think I started to become my physically strongest, at 30 and with yoga, while recouping from my own “storm” of domestic violence? True story. Working through these four stages helped me stay on point; mind-mind-spirit, while I felt I was carrying the weight of my world. They can help you, too, 100%.

Stage 1: Choose Your Mindset Tools

Building solid habits that stand the test of time begins with having reliable tools to build with. Your building tools include, but are not limited to, mindfulness and self-awareness:

  • Growth mindset: No matter what happens, I can get through this...”
  • Positivity: “This is happening for a reason and as it does, I’m grateful for…
  • The core of your “why”: “Regardless of how I feel today, my goal of________ is long-term.

When times get tough, growth mindset helps you to see the possibility and opportunity in a setback. Along the same line, positivity will allow you to carve the best out of a crappy situation. And your ultimate “why” is your driving force when you don’t feel like pushing through challenge and discomfort.

The mindset tools you use when times get tough will depend on your needs. You’ll want to change your tools as you build and as your needs evolve. Mindfulness and self-awareness can help you understand your needs and which tools to use to get your goals accomplished.

Stage 2: Set Your Spiritual Foundation

In order for your healthy habits to stand the test of time, your life needs a strong foundation. And chile’, ain’t no stronger foundation to rest your spirit on, during the tests of time, than the Trinity that is the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

Here’s a breakdown of my foundation:

  • Father God: I know my Father wants the ultimate best for me. When I feel discouraged and want to give up, I dig deep and remind myself, “It’s not who I am, it’s whose I am.” and I can do all things through Him because He’s already gotten me through so much already.
  • His Son: Oooh let’s talk about Jesus! I rock with Jesus heavy because when I feel the tests of time coming my way to knock out my health, I know I can seek refuge in His presence and speak real-deal-Holyfield with Him. Jesus will walk alongside you (and carry you at the same time, say what?!), listen to you without judgement, offer you sound advice and hold your bags. All like a gentleman, if you welcome Him in.
  • The Holy Spirit: That little pep in my step you see despite my setbacks; that’s the Holy Spirit, hunnay! Times will get tough and sometimes you take a step backwards, instead of forward. But you don’t give up. You learn the lesson, find gratitude in the comeback, and you invite the Holy Spirit to jam with you on the journey.

When times get tough, it’s easy to revert to unhealthy habits like eating the worst or dating the couch. It’s also easy to allow the comparisons of the world get the best of you and have you thinking, “She has it made, I can’t get healthy like she did“. But you rest your spirit in Papa Dios’ truth, ma. It’s time you redeem His promise for you.

Stage 3: Wire Healthy Habits Securely

Want to feel healthy and have habits that stand the test of time? Then the inner-wiring of your She-Shed, aka, your daily habits, must be secure.

“Consistency” is the hard-wiring tape your habits needs so the lights of “healthy living” don’t get knocked out the moment a rainstorm hits, ya dig?

You can start to secure you healthy lifestyle habits by finding things you naturally love to do or are good at.

This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Eating foods that honor you: mind, body and spirit
  • Exercising for both joy and challenge
  • Resting your mind and filling your self-love cup
  • Taking supplements and nourishing yourself
  • Getting enough sleep for your peace and energy needs
  • Drinking lots of water for clarity
  • Working on your mindset for inner peace
  • Participating in prayer & worship to uplift your spirit
  • Etc. Etc. Etc.

Bottom line: consistency is the way to secure your habits and create routines that stand the test of time. If you’re consistent, you can live a lifestyle where you feel healthy, vibrant and empowered on the daily.

Stage 4: The Master Design: Emotional Management

When you ask “How do you build solid habits that stand the test of time?”, what you’re really asking is, “How do you continue to eat healthy when you feel stressed by something happening in life.When it comes to healthy habits that stand the test of time, managing your emotions are the “times” you’re really talking about.

If my She-Shed is a metaphor for your life, your emotions are the weather conditions you need and want to prepare for, endure and clean up after, so that you stay on point when you feel both excited and challenged.

Why? Because your emotions will trigger you to over-indulge when you’re happy. Your emotions will trigger you to over-eat and self-sooth when you’re sad. Sometimes your emotions will trigger you to eat nothing at all. Your emotions are the “tests of time”, and “weather conditions”, you must manage and design for. You can do it. One step at a time.

My “She-Shed” Life Metaphor Cont.

When I was asked, “How do you build solid habits that stand the test of time?” I could have given a quick run down, “Sis, get your mind right, seek the Lord through it, get your habits on point and manage them feelings!” But it’s bigger than that, hence my metaphor. Especially when you can envision yourself taking better care of a She-Shed, than of yourself. You know exactly what I mean, too, sis…

You = Boss Builder, Main Contractor, and Lead Designer

Reminder: It is your birthright to live healthy, sis. You are strong enough to build a sound mindset. You are deserving of a foundation with God. You are smart enough to wire your body healthy. And you are more than qualified to design your dream life. This is how you build solid habits that stand the test of time.

Sending you love,